We Unite Different Worlds

HolmesWard offers qualified services within Public Affairs, organizational-, and business development.
We understand the public and private sectors and assist companies and organizations in developing, expanding and in navigating the political landscape.
We provide advice and assistance in securing public funding and business grants.
HolmesWard operates on both locaI and global markets. Our office is located in Stockholm. Our assignments, all over the world.

Our Services

Public Affairs

Political decisions affect all companies and organizations. Some sectors are more affected than others. HolmesWard offers qualified services for community relations. We offer a platform for dialogue between the business sector and the world of politics.

We offer transparency, openness and professionalism. Our strength lies in building trust and long term relationships that create respect between parties.

Public Funding & Business Grants

In order to develop a new innovation, implement a large investment, pursue a development project or get established in new markets – time, knowledge and capital are needed. Public funding and business grants can facilitate the development.

Management & Strategic Advising

Thinking strategically and seeing the whole picture in complex organizations in a changing world is a challenge for both companies and organizations. Our consultants work with management, strategic consulting and project management.

Business Development & Internalization

We live in an increasingly globalized environment that brings many challenges – but even more so – great opportunities. Holmes Ward assists companies and organizations in taking advantage of the potentials of globalization.

Research & Development

Curiosity and creativity, along with a desire to improve products and services are reasons why HolmesWard is involved in research and development projects. Our contribution can range from investigating current policies and legislation, to assisting in finding the right new technique or know-how, to assisting in expansions or exports of new innovations and services.

Seminars, Panel Discussions and Conferences

HolmesWard has extensive experience in creating meeting places with the ultimate conditions for highlighting important social issues or disseminating new knowledge. We will help you set up seminars, conferences and panel discussions with the right participants, in the right context.

Examples of Clients and Partners

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